Where I’m From

In midtown, the place of chaos and creativity between my quiet, East Sacramento neighborhood and a noisy downtown, art  lines the streets and bikes outnumber the cars two to one. It is a college town without a college. The aroma of pizza from one of my favorite restaurants, Hot Italian, mingles with the strong scent of coffee and the cologne, excessively applied, of white collar citizens on their way to work. Squeezed in between the multitude of restaurants and the scattered office buildings are clusters of boutiques and thrift stores. Musicians play instruments on street corners and the sound of laughter rings out endlessly. A constant hum of conversation drifts through the air and never seems to cease. 

This is the place that embodies Sacramento. A center for the arts and a sanctuary for the artistic, it is conducive to both work and play. This is where I am from, a place filled with originality, life, and color.



Midtown Logo: http://www.sacramento365.com/sites/sacramento365.com/images/local/MIDTOWN_Prim_Sac_CMYK_Tag.jpg

Street Image: http://forumtownsquare.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Midtown-Photo.jpg


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