LeDuff: Believable, Biased, or Both?

I know my hometown like the back of my hand, despite its fairly large size and population. It is fair, then, to assume that Charlie LeDuff is able to depict an accurate image of Detroit. This is not to say that his writing is unbiased; due to his personal experiences in the city, LeDuff’s narration is extremely subjective. Nonetheless, as readers we are supposed to trust his writing and accept his view of the city as credible. Although LeDuff left Detroit for many years, he grew up there and eventually returned, showing that his connection to the city is far more than skin deep.

As I said before, LeDuff is a subjective narrator, and this is both a strength and a weakness. Through his subjectivity he is able to strongly influence the emotions of readers, but is also unable to present Detroit as an unbiased author.

This is a video of LeDuff trying to get a job as a chauffeur in Wayne County- that is, one that pays $55,000 a year.



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