Amazing Final Projects

Vik: You are a fantastic speaker, and even though I told you this already, you should have your own TV show, or at least take over the Daily Show or something. You were super engaging and funny, and I thought the powerpoint was a good visual aid, especially the emoji part!

Matt: Your film was really clever and the ending was hilarious! The editing was well-done and I can tell you spent a lot of time on it. Thanks for letting me be a part of making it! 

Justin: It’s so impressive that you wrote the song for your video! It was really, really good and fit the video perfectly. The drawings were creative and funny and I really enjoyed watching your film! 

Marlee: I loved the home video clips in your film. The poem was amazing and you are so talented! 

Sarah: The mix of quotes and photos was great! The song (of course) fit perfectly with your video. 

Alix: You’re collage was so cool! The outline of the person worked really well with the theme of your project.

Rachel: I loved the mosaic! It really shows all sides of you, and it was a creative way to show your identity, both on the outside and the inside. 

Diana: It was so cool that you used different “eras” to show your style. You are seriously so fashion-forward and I love it.

Abbie: You are so creative I can’t handle it. The stop motion of the train was so cool, the pictures of everyone being themselves were amazing, and your video was awesome in general. The quote was one of my favorite parts.

Eric: Your video was funny and lighthearted. It was fun to watch and the original project that you based it off of was really interesting! 

Sylvia: I loved how the light gave your pictures a surreal look. I thought it was really cool how you didn’t know how the pictures were going to turn out until after you took them. 

Kat: Incredible. That is the only word I can think of to describe your project. It was incredibly thoughtful, creative, and time-consuming, and it was extremely well-edited. 

Jennifer: I’d never seen a combination of drawing and photography like that before, and it was awesome!

Lindsay: It was great how you used “scenes” to split up the film. You are an amazing dancer! 

Carrie: You put so much heart and effort into your project. I loved it, and you are so brave for sharing everything with our class.



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