The Everlasting Plight of the Out-of-Stater

It’s June and you’ve just graduated high school. “Damn, that went fast,” you think, and before you know it you will be off to college. If you are like me, instilled with a bit of wanderlust and adventure, you may find yourself several states away from home in a climate that is, to put it lightly, a bit of a shock. Before you get there, however, there are grad parties to attend, summer jobs, and dorm shopping to do.
At these grad parties, summer jobs, and shopping sprees you will likely be asked where you will be going to school. You announce with pride, “MICHIGAN!” or perhaps another school that is not in the state in which you reside. For me, that state is California, and when I say that yes, I am going more than halfway across the country to a small city in the Midwest known as Ann Arbor, the look on the face of the person with whom I am talking changes from one of anticipation to one that I can’t sufficiently describe. Instead, observe the picture below.


That is what I like to call The Look, something I also receive when I say that I am majoring in film.

The person with whom I am talking, having recovered a little bit from the shock, practically shouts in disbelief and horror, “MICHIGAN?? Why would you go to MICHIGAN??” or the slightly less dramatic, “But it’s really cold there!” I then have to stand there and respond with a polite, “It’s a great school,” or “My dad went there for grad school.” For some reason, the latter seems to be a reasonable excuse, because then I generally receive an “Oh, that makes sense,” or something of the sort.
If you, like me, are planning on going out of state for college, particularly to somewhere colder than where you currently live, please know that these questions and The Look do not go away. However, also know that you go to a great school (and maybe the best school in the world, if you go to Michigan), and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This is the everlasting plight of the Out-of-Stater, but despite what some people think, going out of state for school can be the experience of a lifetime.


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